Whip Me, Master [F4M] [Fsub] [Scottish Accent]...
Whip Me, Master [F4M] [Fsub] [Scottish Accent] [Slavegirl] [First Night at Master's Home] [Recently Purchased Pleasure-Kitten] [Whipping] [Marks of Ownership] [Begging] dubcon [Rape] [Fucked with the Handle of a Whip] [Orgasm] [Blowjob]

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this audio are 18 years old or older. Performed and written by adults over the age of 18 years old.

Here, I stand naked for you, Master, in your pleasure garden. My breasts and thighs kissed by the night air. My wrists still chained behind me. Your collar clasping my neck, as firmly as the grip of your hand. It's locked on me, Master. Locked. You've bought me. You own me. I belong to you. I am ... swallows ... so glad. If you ... if you hadn't bought me ... frightened ... I ... I tremble thinking of what might have happened to me. Girls who aren't sold get used as bait in the forest at night. a scared little sound

But you've bought me. And taken me home. I'm yours. What do you wish of me, Master? How may your slavegirl give you pleasure?

You want me to ... look around at your garden? At ... at my new home?

Thank you /u/ravishagirl for this amazing script.

Posted by u/ScottishFireball