I'm The One You Love To Listen To [F4f] [Scottish...
I'm The One You Love To Listen To [F4f] [Scottish Accent] [JOE] [GWA Performer Meets A Fan] [Overheard Listening To Erotic Audio On A Train] [Strangers To Lovers Maybe] [Meta]

Hey, it's me, the girl you met on the train yesterday. I'm glad you decided to listen to this.

I know when you give someone your number you're probably expecting get a simple text or call, not an audio like this, so thank you for hearing me out.

I, uh... Wow, I can't believe I'm doing this...

I'm really, really happy you gave me your number. I've seen you on the train pretty much every day going to work, but it took me weeks to actually decide to talk to you. You're always alone, sitting with your headphones in, so it was a little hard to approach you.

Thanks to Orpheus_the_Traveler for the awesome script

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[M4F] [Script Fill] [BFE] [sweet]...

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Wanted this done quick and easy....

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