A Scandalous Shade Of Read [F4F] [Scottish Accent]...
A Scandalous Shade Of Read [F4F] [Scottish Accent] [Intimate] [GFE] [Romance] [Vanilla] [Reading Erotic Literature] [Kissing] [Body Appreciation] [Cuddling] [Fingering] [Mutual Orgasm] [Aftercare] [Comfort]

Hello gorgeous. I managed to sneak away from work early.. er why are in bed? Are you feeling ok? You look a little flushed. Are you sure youre fine? Oh, you just wanted to relax and read a little. Ok.

Sooo, what are you reading? What do you mean you'd rather not say? Baby, youve gone bright red. C'mon show me. Ah, Memoirs of A Woman of  Pleasure.... Fanny Hill... It's abit naughty one isnt it? But whydid you hid it from me?

You were embarrassed? Embarrassed about what? Look, I know how much you enjoy reading romance and somewhat naughty literature and I know it turns you on, and lets face its. Anything that turns you on its got to be a good thing in my book. 

Yes even if its a little cheesy - although this one is more of a classic. Let me see......

Thank you to the person who wrote this awesome script.

Posted by u/ScottishFireball