[F4M] At the Femme-Joker’s Mercy [Rape] [Finally...
[F4M] At the Femme-Joker’s Mercy [Rape] [Finally Catching the Bat?] [Denial and Edging] [Bondage] [Fdom][Script Fill]

Scenario: The implication is that this is a woman who killed the Joker (possibly with his encouragement) and took over his role. She could be Harley’s daughter a fallen hero, or even just some random that the original found on the street, but I’m leaving that up to the listener to decide for their own. She feels a bit insecure as she has big clown shoes to fill, so she’s decided that the best way to be fully accepted by the other villains. To that end, she’s convinced that she’s finally found out who the bat-dude is and why he does what he does. Her plan is to catch him, torture him until he admits that he’s secretly the bat, record it, and then kill him. 

This wonderful script was a Commission I had written by the wonderful LateStageInfernalism. I absolutely wanted a female joker and he did it better than I had imagined. I do hope you enjoy!


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