A Very Scottish Submissive [F4M] [Scottish Accent]...
A Very Scottish Submissive [F4M] [Scottish Accent] [Bratty Fsub] [Wee Bonnie Lass] [Redhead] [Tartan Skirt] [Big Dick Appreciation] [Blowjob] [Invade My Throat] [Daddy] [Punish Me] [Naughty Little Girl] [Dripping Cunt] [Begging] [Good Girl] [Spanking] [Baby] [Stretch Me Out] [Pounding Me Hard] [Love It When It Hurts] [Fuck Me] [Hair Pulling] [Anal] [Orgasm]

This is my full version of my audio for the ladies of the UK audio which can be found here.

Thank you to the wonderful charmingimp for this amazing scrip.


Enjoy x


Posted by u/ScottishFireball