[F4M] Lady Dimitrescu gets an extra part [Script Fill]...
[F4M] Lady Dimitrescu gets an extra part [Script Fill] [Vampire][Mommy dom][Futa][transformation][breast worship][female worship][blow job][deep throat][riding][anal][name calling]slight [blood drink]kind of [Aftercare][Dreaded Sagatari]

{malicious laugh} My, my, my...don’t you look delicious...bound and tied up like a christmas ham...oh, my daughters are too good to their mother.
Silly me...we haven’t met have we? Well, I suppose proper introductions are in order, I am Lady Dimitrescu, of House Dimitrescu, this is my Castle, and it was my daughters are the ones who brought you here...I hope they werent *too* rough with you, they know better than to drink more than their share...but they simply *love* to play with their food. {evil chuckle}.
Hmmm, you don’t look too worse for wear, I guess they were good today. Now, give me your wrist, Man-thing.

The script by DreadedSagittarii can be found here 

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