[F4F] Beloved Bound Part 2 [Script Fill] [Gentle...
[F4F] Beloved Bound Part 2 [Script Fill] [Gentle Lover][Lady Dimitrescu] [Stupid Tall][Vampire]so a little [Blood][Fdom][Praise] and [Adoration][Strap-On][Wetter than WAP][Aftercare]

It’s been a couple of weeks since you’ve seen the Lady, though you have grown closer to her since that first fateful night, she has been….distant, recently. You’ve seen her lurking around the town, but she seems to avoid you, and you aren’t sure why. You find yourself heading down that familiar path towards an even more familiar castle, and well, what you find inside isn’t quite what you expected.

this is the second part of this audio and you can find the script by kendoll_killerson here.

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