[F4M] The Church of Fertility [Cum Donation] [Cum...
[F4M] The Church of Fertility [Cum Donation] [Cum Fetish] [Multiple Orgasms] [Penis Milking] [Handjob] [Sex as Religion] [Sexual Threats] [Gentle Femdom] turning to [Harsh Femdom] [JOI] [Surrender Your Cock] [A Lifetime of Sex] [Rape][Script Fill]

Welcome to the Temple of Fertility. I'm Lexi, a priestess here at the Temple. I'm told you'd like to donate your cum to our temple?

I'll be milking you with my hands and making you cum into this jug. There's no point trying to hold back your orgasms - you'll enjoy this far more if you give in and cum as much as you can.

What? You want to convert? Sweetie, this is a lifetime position. Males that join become subservient to the priestesses at the Temple for life, to be used, milked and worshiped at every hour of the day and night. You'd be surrendering your cock to be freely used by every woman at the Temple.

... you're sure you want that?

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