Daddy Had A Bad Day But Punishing Me Will Make Him Fell...
Daddy Had A Bad Day But Punishing Me Will Make Him Fell Better [F4M] [Fsub] [Punish Me] [DDLG] [Begging] [Gagging] [Deepthroating] [Facefucking]

Daddy! You're home!! I've Got my hair in pigtails just how youe like it.I missed you so much.....umm what's wrong daddy? Aren't you excited to see your little princess.

Seriously, honey are you ok? What's wrong? The meeting? Shit, that was today? Oh no you worked so hard on that presentation. They cancelled the review comepletly. New policy my ass....

Honey, Im sorry. No, I know its dissapointing. You put alot of effort into that project, but hopefully they will need more opportunities.It will just take longer the expected.

I really am sorry, .....I'd there something i can do to make you feell better? No? Are you sure? I just hate seeing you so upset. I got an idea, please just go with it.

Daddy.. I have a tell you

Please dont be mad but I broke one of the rules today. Daddy, Which one? The one where im not allowed to touch myself unless your with me Im really sorry.

Thank you too DevianceWithAI for this wonder script

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