[F4M] Do you mind if I sit here? [Co-Workers to Lovers]...
[F4M] Do you mind if I sit here? [Co-Workers to Lovers] [Right Here in the Break Room] [Accidental Confessions] [fsub through asking permission] [Creampie] [script fill] [15:59]

I love a script that gives me permission to let my own inherent awkwardness fly:

Do you mind if I sit here?

I know the break room is completely empty and it's so late that we're the only two here, but...

I...I want you so badly. You don't have any idea. So...really you could ask me to do almost anything, and I'd say yes. I shouldn't even be saying that, should I? But I trust you. Maybe even love you. Oh fuck I should definitely not have said that. I'm...its like I'm drunk. If you fuck me, I think...I think I might belong to you. And I want to.

Script by u/LateStageInfernalism

Posted by u/allusions