[F4M] Cursed Cassette Tape Turns Modern Tomboy into 80s...
[F4M] Cursed Cassette Tape Turns Modern Tomboy into 80s Music Video Vixen [Script Fill][Tomboy] [Virginity] [Friends Become Lovers] [Supernatural] [Transformation] [Halloween] [Fishnets][homersoc_]

I guess you haven’t seen the new apartment since you helped me move in. It wasn’t the best time to move, what with everything going on. But I needed a new place, and you offered to help me move. Not that I had too much stuff to move really.
I am looking forward to just hanging out tonight. Maybe we will get some trick-or-treaters even with everything going on. I know we’ll find something to watch on tv, or games to play. But, um… I may have had an ulterior notice in inviting you over.
Oh, wait. When I said that, it sounded like maybe I was hinting that… I don’t know. This was a date or something, and not just two friends hanging out. But I do need something from you.
I… I need you to confirm I’m not going crazy. Because I think I’m trapped in an 80s music video...

This Script by homersoc_ was one that I picked for myself for a change. I loved the concept and being a child of the 80's this was so much fun!

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