[FF4M] The Futa Porn Party Trap, Pt. 2 [Script...
[FF4M] The Futa Porn Party Trap, Pt. 2 [Script fill][Sequel] [Futas] [Afterparty] [Harsh FDom] [NonCon Recording/Exhibitionism] [Spanking] [CBT] [Restraints] [Forced Alcohol] [Oral] [Anal] [Degradation] mentions of [Rape] [Used Up & Kicked Out][Collab with GoddessByNight]

As promised at the end of Pt 2., Nikki and Rebecca return to Rebecca’s bedroom once the party ends, ready, willing, and totally excited to fuck the listener senseless since he’s stuck around for just that. And while they did mention in Pt. 1 that there’s a camera hidden somewhere in the room, it somehow slips their mind to remind him of that now—and curiously enough, once they get started, the distant cheering of their roommates downstairs seems to match the action upstairs a little too closely to be coincidence ... This is, after all, a porn party.

Nikki is played by me and GoddessByNight plays the lovely Rebecca. Join us in this journey into the porn party, a script by shcriptdoctornick and part one can be found here.



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