[F4M] Behavioral Therapy [Script Fill][therapeutic]...
[F4M] Behavioral Therapy [Script Fill][therapeutic] [(duh)] [taking corrective action] [let's set your world view straight] [lick my pussy and see how I like it] [a very productive session]

It's good to see you again. Please take a seat and we can begin today's session. How are you today? ...Good. Yes, from what I remember this is your favorite time of year. I like it very much too.

So if you are comfortable, I'd like to jump right in if I may... you've been coming here for a few sessions now, and I think I have a grip on your situation. Low self confidence or self worth is very common, as well as all the problems that it leads to.

This Script was written by cuddle_with_me and was a commission. I hope you all enjoy it!


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