[F4F] Beloved Bound [SCRIPT Fill][Observer to Lover]...
[F4F] Beloved Bound [SCRIPT Fill][Observer to Lover] [Gentle Lover][Older Woman][MILF] [Stupid Tall][Vampire]so a little [Blood][Fdom] but [Reciprocation] [Switch][Slight BDSM] [Bondage]so much fucking[Praise] and [Adoration][Cunnilingus][Aftercare]

You’re a 9-foot tall buxom vampire woman. Your coven and you spend most of the time keeping the town safe and tending to your manor. watching over the coven is a satisfying job, but you don’t have much time for yourself. Sure, you enjoy the friendly company of your adopted family, but it isn’t the same as having a woman to keep you warm at night. You miss the intimacy, and you wouldn’t mind having a lover to pamper and ease your stress. You find yourself pacing in the foyer when a woman comes up the road, wet and cold from the night rain and injured. At first glance, you think nothing of it and go about cleaning her up. But you begin to realize her intentions may not be so innocent, and you can’t help but notice her body is...divine...and those muscles too… perhaps you won’t be so lonely after all.

This script is by kendoll_killerson and is the first lady D script I did.

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