Goth Girl's First Time [F4M] [Scottish Accent] [Fsub]...
Goth Girl's First Time [F4M] [Scottish Accent] [Fsub] [Goth] [Boots] [Corset] [Fishnets] [Heavy Makeup] [Sweet] [First Time] [Defloweration] [Candlelight] [Romantic] [Virgin] [Virginity] [Clothed Sex] [Handcuffs] [Cuffed To The Bed] [Clit Rubbing] [Orgasm] [Consensual] [Consenting] [Body Appreciation] [L-bomb]

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this audio are 18 years old or over. Performed and written by adults over the age of 18.

Yeah, sure, I told you, my parents are gone for the whole weekend. Come on in! I know, it was amazing! I thought I'd never get to see them live. "Loneliness" … and even "Cry in the Wind"! And Ronny is still so hot. No, I mean, you're hot, too. You are sweet and handsome AND hot as fuck. Really! I mean, I wouldn't say No to a threesome.

No, you're hot. And even better: You are here with me, right now. And my parents are gone for the weekend. For the first time! It's like … like a date.

God, I love you! And I'm nervous as fuck. Uhm, do you want something to drink? Sorry, I guess I'm not a good host. Yeah, I know, no more alcohol for me. Cheers! To the children of the night!

Thank you to heelboy67 for this awesome script.

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