Sentry Duty [F4M] [Scottish Accent] [Friends To Lovers]...
Sentry Duty [F4M] [Scottish Accent] [Friends To Lovers] [Post-Apocalyptic] [Military] [Hold The Moan] [Sex In Uniform] [Fucking While Working]

The zombie apocalypse that everyone has been predicting finally came. Youre part of a militay group that gaurds a fence keeping the creatures away. Things have calmed down for now and youve all gotten bored with the monotonus silence and a lack of action. Time to have fun on the job.

The setting is loosely based on the scenes at Camp Humphreys in the movie World War Z, where the troops there ride bicycles to stay silent and avoid the attention of the nearby zombies.

Thank you too Indra1 for the awsome script

Posted by u/ScottishFireball