[M4F] The swirling 70s porno [1970s] [Interracial]...
[M4F] The swirling 70s porno [1970s] [Interracial] [BWWM] [Slang] [My queen] [Old School porno] [Porno music] [Funny] [Do the swirl] [Do you dig it?] [Terribe accent] [Cowgirl] [Couch sex] [Pussy eating] [Cum on my cock] [Cum on tits]

We are going back to the 70s baby! Time to get our swirl on! 

Background: It's the 1970s. Interracial relationships are at an all-time high. Society is more empowered to express themselves as people. And to mix with others without stigma. And Pornography has entered it's "golden age". With it being more accessible and more acceptable in sociey.

What's with these pits?

"So this is trying to be funny but I am not sure if it is? I didn't know what I was saying. So sorry if the language of describing a black woman is a little bit off or wrong. Also, the pussy eating is pretty rough cause I haven't done it a lot on audio. But please try to laugh at the attempt."

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- Joker William Redmoore 10/11/2020


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