[M4M] Sissy boy with Bubby [ramblefap][MDomm][Gentle...
[M4M] Sissy boy with Bubby [ramblefap][MDomm][Gentle MDom][inter-racial][irish-accent][edging][chastity][cuckolding][facial][golden-shower][age-play][l-bombs][rape][double-penetration][feminization][littling][good-boys][good sissys][faggot][oral][anal][blow-job][spit-roast][anal][analingus]

Very strong age-play in this. I am barely adolescent and you are quite a bit younger than that. Very soft and consual incest with your big brother. I'm going to be calling you a faggot and a sissy but in a way to make you feel nice-and-small. At the climax my older boyfriend has sex with both of us. He's a boy-of-colour and we both enjoy this bigger boy dominating us.

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