[F4M] "Daddy's Lil Runaway" [Script] [Written by...
[F4M] "Daddy's Lil Runaway" [Script] [Written by MollyMolotov666] [Rape] [Age] [Incest] [Reluctant] [BJ] [Abusive]

(Reluctant, her voice filled with anxiety) Daddy... 

I’m sorry. (Pause) Please, listen to me. I know you’re mad at me, please hear me out. I’m sorry that I ran away. Truth is, I had thought I knew better than you did. I had it in my head that I could do better on my own, and that simply was NOT the case.

When I was on my own, I realized just how much I took for granted. I didn’t realize how well off I was, and how much of that was because of you. I took you for granted, Daddy. Please forgive me. (Pause)

Well, I was hoping I could come home. I tried it out on my own, and failed. I’m too young and immature to take care of myself like a grown up. I’m not a grown up. I’m your little girl! Please, let me come home, Daddy!

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