[M4F] Mommy jerks her little boy at the drive-in ...
[M4F] Mommy jerks her little boy at the drive-in [ramblefap][MSub][Gentle MSub][DM/lb][irish-accent][interracial][edging][littling][impreg-talk][caging][breastfeeding][lactation][ABF][ANR][handjob][incest][romantic][l-bombs][age-play]

If you've arrived here from Reddit GWA then the reason its posted here is because the ageplay in this is significant. I'm explictly small-and-smooth for mommy with a small cocklet. If that isn't your thing then I would advise a swift exit.

If you're still here then this is a really loving and romantic nursing and incestuous roleplay. And I hope you love it.

There is some impreg talk from a boy who isn't physically-mature enough to get mommy pregnant yet. But who wants to get her pregnant as soon as physically possible.

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