The Confession Of A Sub [F4A] [Scottish Accent] [Sub]...
The Confession Of A Sub [F4A] [Scottish Accent] [Sub] [Short Script] [A Confession About Submission] [Vulnerability] [Subby Poetry] [All The Things I Want You To Do To Me] [Tie Me Up] [Train Me] [Spank Me] [Use Me] [Opening Up] [Begging] [Please] [I Want Your Permission To Cum] [Thank You] [Orgasm]

Disclaimer: All characters portrayed in this audio are 18 years old or over. Performed and written by adults over the age of 18.


I’m not sure how to say this but..

But the way you make me feel..

The way you make me feel so small and..

Thank you to u/HighlyAdventurous for this awesome script offer.

Posted by u/ScottishFireball