[F4M] “Just Get It Over With” [Rape] [MDom] [fsub]...
[F4M] “Just Get It Over With” [Rape] [MDom] [fsub] [Angry Victim] [Shit Talking] [Violence] [Begging to Die] [Suicide Threats] [Options for SFX] [Script Offer]

SFX: A metro park at night

(Barely paying attention - Mildly annoyed) Huh? I’m sorry, what did you want?

(Pause - Calmer and more sympathetic) Change? Sorry, I’m broke, but I have an apple if you're hungry? I might also have a granola bar around here somewhere. 

(Pause) No? Okay. Let me know if you change your mind. I’ll likely be here for a few more hours.

(Pause) Well, it’s such a lovely night. I figured I’d sit out in the park and enjoy the night air. 

(Pause) What do you mean by that? That it’s dangerous for a girl to be out this late? Do you know how creepy that sounds?

(Gasps in shock) Excuse me? (Pause - Angry sarcasm) Oh, great. Of course it’s a robbery. As if my life can’t get any worse.

(Even angrier) A knife? Seriously? Are you fucking stupid?

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